Drum Lessons in Mississauga

Taking drum lessons in our Mississauga music school is the great way to get familiarized with the modern music. It is an enjoyable activity that is fun and useful at the same time. Drum lessons facilitate the development of excellent hand, eye coordination (also great skill for playing sports) and good sense of rhythm. Taking drum lessons is also a perfect way to boost confidence and self esteem.

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Schedule & Fees

Program Description/Ages

Our music school conveniently located in the heart of Mississauga offers drum lessons from the age of 6 through to becoming an adult, as well as adults. The first stage of drum classes focuses on drum notation, learning essential sticking patterns and drum rudiments. Emphasis is placed on the consistency of lessons which allows students to retain accuracy while slowly increasing the speed of playing (tempo). After all fundamentals are familiarized, students are introduced to a variety of music genres which include latin, jazz, blues and much more.

Procuring your Drums

Nowadays, the electronic drums set is the most popular option for drum enthusiasts. It is ideal for practicing at home since you can control the volume, playing as well as listening to yourself by placing head phones on. Moreover, electronic drums are impaired to moisture, provide various sound effects.