Mississauga Piano Lessons

Our music school offers 30 min, 45 min and 1hour music lessons in Mississaga to accomodate the needs of students of all levels and age. We are ready to help you with Exam Preparation for all levels of RCM Examination (program offered by Royal Conservatory of Music) and Teacher's Diploma.

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Schedule & Fees

Program Description/Ages

Piano is a great instrument to start learning music. We offer appropriate music lessons from 4 years of age. From this age children have longer attention spans, appropriate hand size and strength of fingers to begin regular 30 min piano lessons. In order to provide well-rounded piano lessons each class covers the following subjects:

  • Note reading and recognition
  • Counting, rhythm reading and recognition
  • Technique (drills, scales)
  • Sight Reading
  • Rudiments of Theory
  • Memorization
  • Ear training
  • Ensemble playing (duet with teacher)

Once the basics are learned, the students can choose different types of music they would like to play, such as: Popular, Classical, and Jazz. They can also prepare for RCM examination. In many school systems, RCM Examinations is accepted as a credit toward secondary school graduation.